Polyaxon CLI is a Python command-line interface to interact with Polyaxon API.


To install it simply run:

pip install -U polyaxon

N.B. polyaxon library is a Python 3.5+ package, if you are still using Python 2 polyaxon-sdk is Python 2/3 compatible.


To list all commands and get information about Polyaxon CLI, you can run the following

polyaxon --help

To get help for any Polyaxon CLI Command, you can run the following

polyaxon command --help

Some commands have sub-commands, you can also get help for these sub-commands by running

polyaxon command sub-command --help

Deprecated behavior

Polyaxon used to pass a context between commands and subcommands, e.g.

polyaxon ops -p PROJECT -uid UID get --more-args

This behavior was confusing and the help command did not show the complete information about running a specific command. We deprecated this behavior in favor of putting all arguments in front of the last sub-command, e.g.

polyaxon ops get -p PROJECT -uid UID --more-args