A Project in Polyaxon is very similar to a project in GitHub, it aims at organizing your efforts to solve a specific problem.

Create a new project

To create a project, you can either use the Polyaxon Dashboard or the Polyaxon CLI.

A project consists of a required argument --name, an optional argument --description, and a flag --private with a default value set to True.

Projects could be private (default behavior) or public.

$ polyaxon project create --name=mnist --description='Classification of handwritten images.'

For more details about this command please run polyaxon project create --help, or check the command reference

All projects are created by default private, you can change this behavior by adding --public

To create projects with the UI


Project overview

Every project can manage jobs, services, dags, and matrix executions.


Project settings

The project settings page provides several tabs to manage accessible members, teams, presets, connections, ...


The general settings page lets you change the project's details


Default settings

By default, when a project is created, it will be accessible to all the organization's members following their roles on the organization level. In order to restrict teams, connections, profiles, ..., you need to manually define the resources and teams that can access using the settings tabs.

Example restricting teams access