Polyaxon allows to schedule Ignite experiments, and supports tracking metrics, outputs, and models.


Polyaxon provides a tracking API to track experiment and report metrics, artifacts, logs, and results to the Polyaxon dashboard, in addition to this high-level API, you can leverage the built-in Polyaxon Logger provided by the Ignite library.


In order to use Polyaxon tracking with Ignite, you need to install Polyaxon Client

pip install polyaxon-client


Ignite provides a built-in Polyaxon Logger to log params, report metrics, and upload outputs and artifacts automatically.

from ignite.contrib.handlers.polyaxon_logger import *

# Create a logger
plx_logger = PolyaxonLogger()

More info

For a complete reference on how to use Ignite's PolyaxonLogger, please visit the Ignite's documentation.