We will update this document to reflect any change in our release mechanism.

Polyaxon is using SemVer (Semantic Versioning) for all of its open-source releases:

  • Major numbers indicate breaking, backward-incompatible changes, or substantial project milestones.
  • Medium numbers indicate new features, may include API changes with possible deprecations, release notes must be read carefully before upgrading between medium point releases.
  • Minor numbers indicate patches, bug fixes, enhancements and feature improvements only.


  • Host and support several versions of semantically contained documentation resources.
  • Clear migration paths.

Release cycles

New versions will be released:

  • Whenever a major regression, bug, or security fix is made.
  • Whenever a new improved functionality is developed and tested on different infrastructures.
  • Every week/2 weeks/month depending on the scope of the features being developed.

Other components

In addition to Polyaxon’s core functionality, we develop several other aspects and components that we believe have a major impact on the productivity of our users. These components will be marked separately with alpha/beta until they reach a stable state.