We will update this document to reflect any change in our release mechanism.

Polyaxon is using a SemVer (Semantic Versioning) for all of its open source releases — major versions indicates breaking, backward-incompatible changes; minor versions means new features, and patch releases are bug fixes only.


  • Host and support several versions of semantically contained documentation resources.
  • Every time a new release is created with the PATCH change, users should assume a completely backwards-compatible upgrade.
  • Every time a new migrations (data and db) is introduced, the MINOR version will be bumped while providing automatic migration paths.
  • Every time a new compatible feature or functionality is released, the MINOR version will be bumped.

Release cycles

New versions will be released:

  • Whenever a major regression, bug, or security fix is made.
  • Whenever a new improved functionality is developed and tested on different infrastructures.
  • Every 2 weeks/month depending on the scope of the features being developed.

Other components

In addition to Polyaxon's core functionality, we develop several other aspects and components that we believe have major impact on the productivity of our users. These components will be marked separately with alpha/beta until they reach a stable state.