Polyaxon Pricing

Simple and flexible pricing that grows with your need.



Free, based on our open-source tools.
  • Unlimited usage.
  • Powerful runtime.
  • Powerful workspace.
  • Core experimentation features.
  • Core tools and integrations.
  • Core tracking and lineage features.
  • Free community UI.
  • Basic migrations.

Community support

For developers who want to set up and run Polyaxon on their own infrastructure.



per month, billed annually 375 billed monthly.
  • Everything in community edition, plus:
  • Includes 3 seats.
  • Includes 1 agent.
  • Includes 10 queues.
  • Includes 50 concurrent operations.
  • Queue concurrency limits.
  • Component hub.
  • Collaboration features.
  • Security and protection features.
  • Full UI and scheduling services.
  • Actions, events, hooks, and joins.
  • Basic analytics (2 weeks interval).

+ Fully managed control plane

Community and email support

For startups and small teams working together on shared projects.



per month, billed annually 555 billed monthly.
  • Everything in standard plan, plus:
  • Includes 3 seats up to 25.
  • Includes 1 agent.
  • Includes 10 queues.
  • Includes 50 concurrent operations.
  • Queue & workflow concurrency limits.
  • Includes 5 active schedules.
  • Model registry.
  • Flow engine.
  • Optimization engine.
  • Operation mapping.
  • Operation cache layer.
  • Early stopping strategies.
  • Extra usage possible (add-on).
  • Extra agents possible (add-on).
  • Pro features possible (add-on).
$79 per additional seat/month, billed annually $99 billed monthly.

+ Fully managed control plane

Community and email support

For growing teams with experimentation, automation, and management needs.



Contact us, we are here to help. Hybrid or on-premise deployment.
  • Everything in platform plan, plus:
  • RBAC/ACL and advanced restrictions.
  • Teams management.
  • Organization and team level roles.
  • Enterprise integrations.
  • Spark runtime.
  • Custom branding and white label.
  • Custom monitoring.
  • Custom policies.
  • Custom automation.
  • Custom component hub.
  • Custom model registry.
  • Custom contracts/billing.
  • Custom activities and audit trail.
  • Custom analytics and stats.
  • Custom seats.
  • Custom organizations.
  • Custom teams.
  • Custom agents.
  • Custom queues.
  • Custom concurrency.
  • Custom active schedules.
  • Multi namespace deployment.
  • Multi cluster deployment.

Hybrid or on-premise deployment

Onboarding and premier support

For organizations with advanced security, deployment, and scale needs.
Fully managed control plane

Your data, models, logs, artifacts, and code never leave your cluster(s)

Control plane collaboration

  • Project level saved searches.
  • Project level saved dashboards.
  • Organization level saved searches.
  • Organization level saved dashboards.
  • Projects and runs bookmarking.
  • Projects and runs archiving.

Control plane protection

  • Authentication and authorization.
  • Tokens management.
  • Organization level roles.
  • Workload and services protection.
  • Use your domain name or IP address.
  • Guest users and organization outsiders.

Control plane UI and services

  • Connections viewing and management.
  • Scheduling presets management.
  • UI with light and dark themes.
  • Automated migrations and backups.
  • Managed and scalable services.
  • Advanced lineage features.

Additional Usage Pricing


per month, billed annually 125 billed monthly.
  • 50 = 100 concurrent operations.
  • 10 = 20 queues.
  • 5 = 10 active schedules*.

* Schedules are only available on Platform plan

Additional queues, schedules, and concurrency are added to the organization's quota.

Additional Agent Pricing


per month, billed annually 85 billed monthly.
  • Each additional agent comes with
  • Same or different artifacts store.
  • Same or different connections.
  • Same or different gateway.
Enables multi-namespace or multi-cluster deployment.

Pro Features Pricing


per seat/month, billed annually.
  • Restrict connections usage in projects.
  • Restrict agents usage in projects.
  • Restrict queues usage in projects.
  • Restrict presets usage in projects.
  • Restrict members access to projects.
  • Restrict members access to component hubs.
  • Restrict members access to model registries.
  • Teams management and restrictions.
  • Organization and team level roles.
  • Outsider, Manager, and Billing roles.
  • Activities and audit trail (6 months retention).
  • Advanced analytics (6 months interval).

* Annual billing only.

Enables advanced statistics, auditing, advanced restrictions, and team roles.
Everything you need for your data science work

All plans, including the community edition, come with an essential set of features and a powerful workspace

Unlimited usage

  • Unlimited cluster nodes.
  • Unlimited GPUs, TPUs, ...
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Unlimited runs.
  • Unlimited runs retention.
  • Unlimited connections and datasets.

Powerful runtime

  • Model training.
  • Data processing.
  • Container building.
  • Distributed Jobs.
  • Custom dashboards, apps, and services.
  • Live streaming tail.

Powerful workspace

  • Notebook & JupyterLab.
  • Tensorbaord for single and multi runs.
  • VSCode, Streamlit, Papermill, ...
  • Native and custom visualizations.
  • Automated artifacts management.
  • ML deployment, testing, and internal apps.
  • Language SDKs, high-level client, and CLI.

No lock-in

  • All deployed tools are open-source.
  • All user facing tools are open-source.
  • Core engine is open-source.
  • Polyaxon agent is open-source.
  • Public components are open-source.
  • Deployment charts are open-source.
  • Workload and services on your cluster(s).
  • Data, models, and code on your cluster(s).
  • Connections/secrets on your cluster(s).
  • Logs and artifacts on your cluster(s).

Cloud and on-premise

  • AWS, GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, ...
  • Bare metal.
  • Spot instances and preemptible VMs.
  • Cloud credits.
  • Custom Kubernetes clusters.


  • With artifacts and data stores.
  • With container registries.
  • With Git providers.
  • With cloud-native operators.
  • With ML and DL libraries.
  • With visualizations libraries.
  • With dashboarding tools.
  • With notification and alerting systems.
  • With automation tools.
Tens of thousands of happy professionals

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Frequently asked questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked


Do you have discounts for startups/academics/nonprofits or other special rates?


Yes, please contact us for more information.


How can I find out if Polyaxon will meet my requirements?


Good news! Polyaxon is based on a free & open source core engine.

You can self host it on your own cluster or local machine to have full control over your environment, and try all the core features.

If you're looking for some specific help, we've got an entire documentation site full of guides, specifications, references, and information.

Also, you can always get help on the community channel if you need a hand with anything else!

Finally, all plans come with a risk-free 14-days trial period. No credit card required.


How much will Polyaxon cost?


Standard and Platform plans are available as annual subscriptions or monthly subscriptions with an additional 25% per month.

Your aggregate plan cost will be available in the billing page under the organization's settings.

All plans are priced per seat, with a minimum number of seats per organization. Standard plan includes 3 seats, Platform plan starts at 3 seats and offers up to 25 seats, while Enterprise offers a custom number of seats in your organization.

Each of our plans comes with a defined usage quota, you can scale your plan with additional concurrency and/or agents.

For large numbers of users and custom pricing, support options, full on-premise deployment, or to discuss training and services options, please contact us.


Do you have on‑demand agents or usage quota?


Currently, we do not offer on-demand agents or usage quota, the same billing cycle as the main subscription is used, but we intend to add this possibility in the future.

If your organization is on a monthly billing cycle, you can scale up and down every month.


Can I start small and upgrade later?


Yes, you can start with our Community Edition which has all essential and core features.

We designed the plans to make it easy to get started with Standard plan, and once you’ve outgrown it, upgrading to Platform is a single click away.

If you want to add extra users to any plan without an upgrade to Enterprise, please contact us.

To upgrade to Enterprise, please contact us.


What if I switch my plan or add a new seat in the middle of the month?


You will be billed for your pro-rated usage, accurate down to the second.

The billing period for your new plan configuration starts right away.


What is a seat?


Seat means each individual end-user

A seat can be, including, without limitation, a person (team member, employee, external consultant, outsider, ...) or a machine (CI/CD tool, agent, workflow manager, ...) of the customer and/or its affiliates with access to Polyaxon.

A seat can be reassigned to a new user or a new machine, the history produced previously (runs, models, lineage, meta-data, activity logs, ...) does not get removed and can be searched even though the previous user(s) or machine(s) do not have access to the customer's organization anymore.

Each seat can create tokens that act on their behalf using our APIs or SDKs.


Do you offer support plans?


All Polyaxon Cloud plans include community and email support.

Organizations on annual billing plans may purchase priority or premier support.

Priority support provides a guaranteed response time of 12 hours on business days.

Premier support can include guided on-boarding, engineering consulting and assistance, dedicated support channels, support SLA, and more.

For all of these options, please contact us.


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

For annual pre-paid accounts on Enterprise plan we also accept bank transfers.

If you need a different payment option, please contact us.


Beta features


Beta features are accessible to limited organizations. As soon as a beta feature is stable, it will be enabled to all organizations following their plan's quota.


What does retention mean?


Retention refers to the duration that we store some meta-data information in our system.

For projects and runs (including states, indexes, lineage meta-data, inputs and outputs meta-data), component hub and versions, model registry and versions, we offer unlimited rentention of those information.

We store the activity logs for a certain time (defined on your plan) and we purge that data periodically.

To store activities beyond your retention period, we offer an API that you can use to automatically archive it to an external source.


Can I easily transition from self-hosted to Cloud or vice-versa?


Yes, absolutely. You own your data, models, code, and artifacts whether you are using Polyaxon CE, Polyaxon Cloud, or Polyaxon EE.

The difference between Polyaxon Cloud and Polyaxon EE is the control plane. In both cases, the workload, data, logs, metrics, models, artifacts, and all sensitive secrets and config-maps are managed by a Polyaxon Agent running on a different cluster/namespace.

In Polyaxon Cloud we manage the control plane, in Polyaxon EE the customer manages the control plane, in both cases the customer manages the Agent deployments (data plane).

We designed our control plane to meet the strict standards and to allow users to achieve several use-cases: data locality, federated training, federated job scheduling, support for custom networking on each Agent, namespacing and isolation, multi-cluster scaling options ...


Does Polyaxon Cloud provide a fully managed solution?


No, Polyaxon Cloud is not a fully managed solution.

Polyaxon Cloud is designed to deliver a fully managed control plane (API, metadata, scheduling, orchestration, ...) while allowing users to keep sensitive or private data on-premise or on their cloud accounts.

Polyaxon Cloud does not receive or run users’ code, it does not access their data, artifacts, or logs, and it does not alter their networking policies.

We have an abstraction called Polyaxon Agent that runs on any Kubernetes cluster, and communicates securely with our control plane.


Can you describe your security and data practices?


We scan all dependencies and conduct regular security reviews of our product and infrastructure.

As an open source codebase, we have very public scrutiny of all our practices.

All tools deployed on the customer's cluster(s) and used by end users, excluding the Enterprise Edition Control Plane, are open-source (Polyaxon Agent, Helm charts, SDKs, CLI, Clients, ...) and can be reviewed.

All Polyaxon Cloud servers are located in Germany.


Does my cluster need to have access to the internet?


You can deploy Polyaxon in a completely offline mode and on private clusters.

If you are using Polyaxon Cloud you only need to allow outbound traffic to https://cloud.polyaxon.com to sync metadata, check for scheduling information, and validate authorization and permissions.

Your execution infrastructure on cloud or on-premise resources are always managed by you, you can deploy any Polyaxon distribution with your own policies.


What is a control plane?


The control plane hosts the software’s business logic and handles insensitive metadata.

It provides a managed API, metadata, scheduling, orchestration, ...

It communicates securely with Polyaxon Agent (data plane) and delegates sensitive operations (such as processing, job running, services, resolving secrets, storing or deleting data) to it.


What is an Agent (data plane)?


The Agent (data plane) runs on the customer's cluster(s) and accesses/processes/stores all of the customer’s sensitive data.

It communicates securely with the Control Plane to sync insensitive metadata.