Polyaxon Features

Build, monitor, deliver and scale machine learning experiments — we're the easiest way to go from an idea to a fully deployable model, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.

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A Platform for reproducible and scalable Machine Learning and Deep Learning applications.

Learn more about the suite of features and products that underpin today's most innovative platform for managing data science workflow.

Gain more productivity and ship faster.

Polyaxon provides an interactive workspace with a notebooks, tensorboards, visualizations,and dashboards.

User management

Collaborate with the rest of your team, share and compare experiments results.

User resources allocation

Manage your team's resources and parallelism quotas.

Versioning and reproducibility

Reproducible results with a built-in version control for code and experiments.

Data autonomy

Maintain complete control of your data and persistence choices.

Hyperparameters search & optimization

Run group of experiments in parallel and in distributed way.

Maximizes Resource Utilization

Spin up or down, add more nodes, add more GPUs, and expand storage.

Cost Effective

Leverage commodity on-premise infrastructure or spot instances to reduce costs.

Powerful interface

Author jobs, experiments, and pipelines in Json, YAML, and Python.

Runs on any infrastructure.

Deploy Polyaxon in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments, including single laptop, container management platform, heroku, on docker-compose, or on Kubernetes.


Polyaxon can easily scale horizontally by adding more nodes.


Extend Polyaxon's functionalities with custom plugins.

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