Organizations Management UI

  • Managing organizations, teams, members, projects.
  • Managing agents and queues.
  • Setting permissions and authorizations.
  • Monitoring agents and runs.
  • Profiling runs and connections’ access.

Projects Management UI

  • Managing project access and restrictions.
  • Organizing and monitoring runs.
  • Auditing activities and profiling workloads.

Runs dashboard

  • Dashboarding capabilities and collaboration.
  • Native visualizations.
  • Custom visualizations with Plotly, Bokeh, Vega.
  • Powerful rendering engine with automatic handling for code files, html, audio, video, …
  • Lineage view.
  • Flexible comparison table for hyperparameters and metrics with built-in search, query, sort, limit to navigate millions of runs.
  • Native integration with the tracking API.
  • Automate your process from training to deriving insights from results.
  • Collaborative by design.

Component Hub

Polyaxon Component Hub is a product for managing versioned components, each component can:

  • Have multiple versions.
  • Can be published publicly or privately within your organization.
  • Can define team level permissions.

Model Registry

Polyaxon Model Registry is a models store and a system that provides:

  • APIs and a UI.
  • It can be used with your teams’ configuration and access control settings to enable collaborative model management.
  • Logging and lineage using the experimentation feature.
  • Versioning.
  • Deploying as an internal tool or as a test API using the service abstraction.
  • Agnostic to the model packaging format.
  • Integrations with your favorite serving technologies.

Artifacts Versioning

Polyaxon Artifacts Versioning is a system to promote runs and version assets, it provides:

  • APIs and a UI.
  • Possibility to attach additional summary and information about the assets.
  • Lineage and locking of the runs generating the data and artifacts versions.
  • Can define team level permissions.