Polyaxon has 3 levels of concurrency and parallelism management, each level serves a specific use case.

Global organization limit

This is the highest concurrency limit you can achieve in your organization. This value depends on your subscription plan. Every agent created has a default queue, we configure that default queue with unlimited concurrency to allow users to maximize their plan’s usage.

We suggest that you always leave at least a single queue with the highest priority and unlimited concurrency. If you are running a debug operation or need to see the results of an experiment quickly, a queue with this configuration is very handy since it will prioritize your operation, and you will avoid being throttled.

Queue parallelism

Queues are an organization/agent level abstraction to share and divide the global concurrency. Queues can be used for several use cases: routing, prioritization, and parallelism throttling. Additionally, if you need to limit the parallelism of a component globally, you can attach a queue to that component, so whenever a new operation is referencing that component, it will be automatically throttled by the concurrency defined on that queue.

for more details, please check the Queues section.

Pipeline concurrency

Sometimes you will need to run a workflow, a mapping, or a hyperparameter tuning operation with a large search space or several independent operations. Although it’s possible to use queues to limit the concurrency of such pipelines, it does not make sense to create a queue or change some queue’s limit to fit the needs of each pipeline.

Polyaxon exposes a field concurrency on all abstractions that create pipelines, this field creates a short-lived queue to control the pipeline parallelism.

for more details, please check the automation concurrency section