Polyaxon CLI is a tool and a client to interact with Polyaxon API, it allows you to manage your cluster, projects, and experiments. This section has several common guides on how to configure and use the CLI followed by several reference pages for each command.


To install it simply run:

pip install -U polyaxon


To list all commands and get information about Polyaxon CLI, you can run the following

polyaxon --help

To get help for any Polyaxon CLI Command, you can run the following

polyaxon command --help

Some commands have sub-commands, you can also get help for these sub-commands by running

polyaxon command sub-command --help

Deprecated behavior

Polyaxon used to pass a context between commands and subcommands, e.g.

polyaxon ops -p PROJECT -uid UID get --more-args

This behavior was confusing and the help command did not show the complete information about running a specific command. We deprecated this behavior in favor of putting all arguments in front of the last sub-command, e.g.

polyaxon ops get -p PROJECT -uid UID --more-args