Polyaxonfiles can have names, descriptions, and tags both on the component level and on the operation level to override the component values. When scheduling files with Polyaxon CLI, whether they contain a component or an operation, users might want to schedule a run with different names, descriptions and/or tags. Instead of manually opening the file and changing the values, saving the file, closing the file, and then executing the run command, users can pass those values directly via the CLI.

Passing custom name, description, and tags

In order to provide a custom name

polyaxon run -f ... --name new-run
polyaxon run -f ... --name new-run --description adding-some-changes -u -l
polyaxon run -f ... --name another-name --description run-with-custom-connection --tags tests,debug

For more details about this command please run polyaxon run --help, or check the command reference