There are several situations when an operation or a pipeline might require some manual approval to continue.

Polyaxon provides a flag isApproved: false to perform human in the loop pattern. This flag can be set:

In all these cases, if a run is decorated with this flag, the operation will be waiting and can only be resumed by an individual or event, either from the UI, the CLI, or the API.

Using the CLI

You can use the CLI to automatically add or override the isApproved flag:

polyaxon run ... --approved=f


polyaxon run ... --approved=0


polyaxon run ... --approved=false

This is similar to isApproved: false without having to change the polyaxonfile.

If a polyaxonfile has already the section isApproved: false defined and you need to disable the behavior for a specific run, you can use the CLI without changing the file:

polyaxon run ... --approved=y


polyaxon run ... --approved=1


polyaxon run ... --approved=true

Suspending a pipeline

If an operation is defined in the context of a DAG and is decorated with isApproved: false, any branch that defines an upstream dependency on that operation will be suspended as a result of the dependency until the upstream operation is approved.