UI Features and improvements

Polyaxon v1.8 comes with several new UI features and enhancements, we shared several blog posts to introduce these new changes:

Other Improvements

Query Manager

We improved the query manager by fixing a regression that coerced values to strings which prevented filtering by scalar/bool params. This change will also allow providing a much better filtering experience over the next following releases, instead of providing aliases like outputs and metrics, the query manager will try to detect the type automatically and allow/disallow a specific filter or operation.

The query manager was also extended to allow filtering by wait time, duration, and upstream/downstream operations.


The CLI will automatically use a list of default ignore patterns if the user uses the -u/--upload argument without initializing a project, which should prevent uploading directories like .git.

The ignore manager was also fixed to honor some .gitignore rules that were not respected before.

Learn More about Polyaxon

This blog post just goes over a couple of features that we shipped since our last product update, several other features and fixes are worth checking. To learn more about all the features, fixes, and enhancements, please visit the release notes.

Polyaxon continues to grow quickly and keeps improving and providing the simplest machine learning abstraction. We hope that these updates will improve your workflows and increase your productivity, and again, thank you for your continued feedback and support.