This is currently available on Polyaxon Cloud only.


The Hooks section is an automation feature that allows to trigger an operation as soon as the main logic reaches a final state. Although users can use any component as a hook, they should only restrict usage of hooks to recurrent logic, like notifications, that only makes sense in the context of the lifecycle of the main operation.

Use cases

Hooks can be used to:

  • Notify external system about the results of operations.
  • Perform post-done analysis.
  • Generate reports or trigger validation/test of successful training operation.
  • Trigger a pipeline on a different infrastructure.


Compared to DAGs, Hooks have no concurrency management and can only trigger if a final state is met. When an operation defines a list of hooks, Polyaxon will fan-out all hooks that validate their trigger and conditions. If you need to manage priority or concurrency, or throttle some hook types, you can assign them to specific queues.

Available events

Event Description
done Triggered whenever a run reached a done status
succeeded Triggered whenever a run experiment succeeds
failed Triggered whenever a run experiment fails
stopped Triggered whenever a run experiment is stopped