Polyaxon Automation is not part of Polyaxon’s core product and it’s priced separately.

We have documentation guides on how to use Polyaxon with other automation tools, e.g. Github Actions, Airflow, Argo, Jenkins, …

We know that the cost of maintaining, upgrading, and managing two or more tools is high for the ops teams as well as for the end-users (data-scientists).

Polyaxon automation provides the essential features to automate your ML workflows using a simple and familiar interface without additional maintenance or cognitive costs.

If you are using Polyaxon’s hybrid offering the interface is the same and there’s no additional configuration, If you are using Polyaxon’s full on-premise deployment, you only need to enable a single flag and no additional micro-services or dependencies to install. You don’t have to migrate any pipeline, you can mix and match and use the right tools for the right tasks.