This is a simple component to build source into a container image using Project Atomic's Buildah build tool.

Component info on Polyaxon Hub

To learn about this component definition or customize its behavior, please check buildah on polyaxon-hub.

Run this component using the CLI

To run the latest version of this component using Polyaxon CLI:

polyaxon run --hub buildah -P ...

To use a specific version:

polyaxon run --hub buildah:[tag] -P ...

Note: -P is for passing parameters, e.g. -P param1=value1 -P parame2=value2

View a running operation on the dashboard

After running an operation with this component, you can view it on the dashboard:

polyaxon ops dashboard


polyaxon ops dashboard -p [project-name] -uid [run-uuid] -y

Stop a running operation

To stop a running operation with this component:

polyaxon ops stop


polyaxon ops stop -p [project-name] -uid [run-uuid]

Run this component using the client

To run this component using Polyaxon Client:

from polyaxon.client import RunClient

client = RunClient(...)
client.create_from_hub(component="buildah", ...)

Usage in operations

You can also create operations instead of passing params:

version: 1.1
kind: operation
  param1: {value: value1}
hubRef: buildah:[tag]


This component has the following versions: ['latest', '1.14.8']