Notify Hipchat when an experiment, a job, or a build is finished so that your team stays in sync.

Visit Hipchat to create webhook integration

First, you’ll need to set up a new incoming webhook in your team’s Hipchat configuration. An incoming webhook is a method for Hipchat to receive incoming messages to be posted to your Hipchat team from external services.

Configure your webhook

Create a secret or a config map with your Hipchat webhook:

kubectl create secret generic  notification-secret --from-file=POLYAXON_INTEGRATIONS_WEBHOOKS_HIPCHAT=notification-secret.json -n polyaxon

The content of notification-secret.json should contain all the webhooks that you want to notify at the same time:

    "url": ""

Add your Hipchat connection to Polyaxon notification connections

Now you can add your Hipchat’s webhook to the integrations’ section:

  - name: hipchat-connection1
    kind: hipchat
      name: notification-secret

More automation with Zapier

You can also go further and connect other popular Polyaxon integrations to Hipchat using Zapier.