How to validate Polyaxonfiles (YAML) against the JSON Schema on IntelliJ IDEA (PyCharm, …).


Polyaxon provides a JSON Schema that enables validation of YAML resources in your IntelliJ IDEA (PyCharm, …) IDE. In all IntelliJ IDEA editions, YAML validation is supported natively.


Configure your IDE to reference Polyaxonfile’s schema:


The schema is located at

We recommend to use a file glob pattern that is specific to your Polyaxonfiles, for example:

  • polyaxonfile*.yaml: All files that start with polyaxonfile and end with .yaml.
  • polyaxonfiles/**/*.yaml: All files located under polyonaxfiles path.

Restart the IDE to use the completion and validation

After configuring the IDE correctly, if you open a polyaxonfile you should see a smarter behaviour, including type errors and context-sensitive autocomplete.