Polyaxon aims to enable everyone in your organization to participate and contribute to your machine learning transition.

Machine learning engineers and data scientists

Our core product is optimized with tools, workflows, and dashboards to enable data scientists and machine learning engineers to be more productive and iterate faster on model development.

Project managers and team leads

We have features that enable project managers and team leads to effectively manage their team members and enhance their workflows and productivity.


Our tool is simple to deploy and we have several documentation resources to scale and configure the platform. We have features that give visibility about who accesses what and when for auditing and security.

We are developing more features to enable better monitoring of the cluster resources for the core components and scheduled jobs.

Data engineers and analysts

We have a product called PolyFlow, that enables, not only data scientists but also data engineers to author workflows and DAGs. Our development philosophy is not to completely remove the tools you are using, but to enable your teams to do more by integrating with their favorite pipeline engines.

Release Managers

We have a tool called PolŷHat, that enables anyone in your team to deploy models for local testing or integrate with several external resources.

We would like to enable more people in your organization to be able to track and assess the performance of the models deployed, and automate and retrain models based on several rules.


We have tools that notify executives about the weekly progress of your teams. But we are also thinking about high-level views that quickly capture the state and progress of all teams under an organization.