Yes, all prices shown are in US dollars.

Yes, you can start with our Community Edition which has all essential and core features.

Yes, absolutely. You own your data, models, code, and artifacts whether you are using Polyaxon CE, Polyaxon Cloud, or Polyaxon EE.

You can deploy Polyaxon in a completely offline mode and on private clusters.

We scan all dependencies and conduct regular security reviews of our product and infrastructure.

Good news! Polyaxon is based on a free & open source core engine.

Beta features are accessible to limited organizations.

Currently, we do not offer on-demand agents or usage quota.

Yes, please contact us for more information.

All Polyaxon Cloud plans include community and email support.

You will be billed for your pro-rated usage, accurate down to the second.

If you deploy the community open-source version, the billing is not handled by Polyaxon and is done by the cloud provider of your choice.

Polyaxon CE is free, Starter, Platform, and Business plans are available as annual subscriptions or monthly subscriptions with an additional 25% per month.

No, Polyaxon Cloud is not a fully managed solution.

Retention refers to the duration that we store some meta-data information in our system.

The control plane hosts the software’s business logic and handles insensitive metadata.

The Agent (data plane) runs on the customer's cluster(s) and accesses/processes/stores all of the customer’s sensitive data.

Seat means each individual end-user.

We accept all major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express.