You can use one or multiple buckets on Minio to access data directly on your machine learning experiments and jobs.

Deploy Minio

Before using Minio, you need to deploy it and create a bucket (or several) to host your data.

For that, you can use the Helm stable chart: helm install stable/minio --name=plx-minio --namespace=polyaxon

Create a bucket on Minio

You should create a bucket (e.g. plx-storage) where you will host your data.

Use the bucket in Polyaxon

In order to use the buckets with Polyaxon, you can follow the S3 DataStore integration.

Note: When Minio is installed via Helm with default values, it uses the following hard-wired default credentials, which you will use to login to the UI and setup access to Polyaxon:


This means that the default secret keys should be:

  • AWS_ENDPOINT_URL: "http://plx-minio:9000"