You can deploy an in-cluster NFS provisioner to simplify the creation of ReadWriteMany and ReadOnlyMany volumes.


This guide shows how to use the NFS provisioner to mount data to your jobs and experiments.

The nfs-provisioner chart provides a stable Helm chart, to easily deploy and spin NFS-volumes to use with Polyaxon.

Install Helm

To install the nfs-provisioner, make sure you have Helm installed.

Create Namespace

If you are using this chart with Polyaxon, please install the chart on the same namespace where you installed Polyaxon.

kubectl create namespace polyaxon

# namespace "polyaxon" created

Install the nfs provisioner

helm install plx-nfs stable/nfs-server-provisioner --namespace=polyaxon

Create volumes to be used as data store.

Use the PVC to mount data to your experiments and jobs in Polyaxon

In order to use the PVC with Polyaxon, you can follow the Data on Persistent Volume Claim.