New filtering capabilities

Polyaxon v1.10 brings a standardized filtering experience that provides the same search capabilities in the comparison table, the timeline view, the graph view, and the analytics pages.

Search experience

The new search experience comes with:

  • Suggestions and auto-complete Suggestions
  • Automatic refresh on search changes
  • Multiple new quick filters for agents, queues, dates, resources, … search-experience

Improved multi-run actions

With this release, we also reworked the multi-run actions, the new logic allows more advanced CSV download, and more control over the downstream action query capabilities, and multi-run archive/restore actions.



Durable Search configuration

The new search state is now durable and is managed by URL query-params, this enhancement allows users to natively take advantage of their browsers to keep the search history.

Search for entities

All entities, projects, components, and models pages have now a search with quick filters.


Learn More about Polyaxon

This blog post just goes over a couple of features that we shipped in v1.10. To learn more about all the features, fixes, and enhancements, please visit the release notes and the short term roadmap.

Polyaxon continues to grow quickly and keeps improving and providing the simplest machine learning abstraction. We hope that these updates will improve your workflows and increase your productivity, and again, thank you for your continued feedback and support.