The no-op mode allows users to turn off all API calls and silently pass through all function calls. this behavior is generally useful if a user needs to debug or test a script without the need to connect to a Polyaxon Cluster.

export POLYAXON_NO_OP=true
# Or
export POLYAXON_NO_OP="1"

or in Python

import os

os.environ["POLYAXON_NO_OP"] = "true"
# Or
os.environ["POLYAXON_NO_OP"] = "1"

Disabling tracking without changing code

Since using the tracking API requires code change, e.g.

from polyaxon.tracking import Run

# Polyaxon experiment
experiment = Run()
# training code ...
# Metrics reporting
experiment.log_metrics(step=1000, loss=0.01, accuracy=0.97)

Users might need to run the same code outside of a Polyaxon context, which will break since Polyaxon related operations perform API calls.

Users won’t need to perform any change to their code, they just need to set an environment variable POLYAXON_NO_OP to true/1, and the Polyaxon related code will be ignored.