We previously learned how to run operations with Polyaxonfiles hosted on Github using the --url argument. But during a rapid development, users will want to iterate on their code and submit operations with those changes.

In this sections we will learn how to initialize a local folder and integrate it with a repo using a git connection or using a public repo.

Note: To integrate your local code with the CLI, please check the previous section of this guide.

Clone Polyaxon quick-start

Head to your terminal and clone the quick-start repo

git clone https://github.com/polyaxon/polyaxon-quick-start.git

And change to the subpath git-integration

cd polyaxon-quick-start/git-integration

We only have one simple polyaxonfile which we will use for this example, it’s the same as the simple.yaml file that we used before under experimentation, the only difference is that this version does not include an init section.

version: 1.1
kind: component
name: simple-experiment
description: Minimum information to run this TF.Keras example
tags: [examples, local-git]
  kind: job
    image: polyaxon/polyaxon-quick-start
    workingDir: "{{ globals.artifacts_path }}/polyaxon-quick-start"
    command: [python3, model.py]

Initialize the project

Instead of hard-coding an init section like in the previous sections of this quick-start tutorial, we will initialize this local path with a git integration that we can use to integrate automatically with our polyaxonfiles.

The init command accepts both a --git-connection and --git-url. If you are using a private git repo, you will need to configure a git connection and redeploy Polyaxon first.

To initialize the folder with a private repo you need a valid --git-connection, you can additionally override the default git repo of that connection by providing the --git-url argument.

In the context of this tutorial, we are using a public github repo that does not require a git connection, so we will initialize this folder with a git-url only.

polyaxon init -p quick-start --git-url https://github.com/polyaxon/polyaxon-quick-start

Scheduling experiments after every commit

In the previous section of this tutorial we were using a hard-coded git initializer, the git initializer did not have any fixed revision, which means that every time we submit a job, Polyaxon will pull the latest commit from the remote repo, the commit could be made by us or by another user. By initializing a local folder we can now run operations based on changes made by us, because the CLI will patch the polyaxonfile with a code version before submitting new operations:

git commit -am "Update" 
git push orgin master
polyaxon run -f simple.yaml --git-preset

The last command will tell Polyaxon to look for the git configuration that we initialized earlier in this folder and detect the latest commit and inject it as a preset.

Scheduling experiments with specific commits or branches

We can also schedule experiments with a specific git commit, a specific branch, or a valid tree-ish:

polyaxon run -f simple.yaml --git-preset --git-revision="dev"