• Optimize build process and handle concurrent build of the same repo: this will fix issues related to experiment getting stack in the build process and sometimes preventing the iterative hyperparameters algorithms from continuing the search.
  • Add advanced nodes scheduling for experiments and jobs: Previously users could set a default node selectors for core and experiments. Now they have the ability to override these selectors per experiment, experiment job for distributed runs, notebook, and tensorboard.
  • Fix upload command on Windows platform
  • Add more edge cases handling for resumed experiments
    • deleting original should delete resumed experiments
    • resuming a resumed experiment should resume the original experiment
  • Fix issue with stopping experiment groups
  • Add NFS provisioner, this is practical for testing the platform without the need to create a real NFS server.
  • Add event management and backbone for creating notifications and integrations
  • Add tracker
  • Add activity log
  • Update docs requirement


  • Add restart/resume/copy experiments
  • Fix issue with cyclic redirection when the user’s session is expired.
  • Add platform logging
  • Update Bayesian optimization
  • Fix prospector for tests
  • Remove requirement for project name in specifications
  • Add google GKE tutorial


  • This new version has breaking changes:
  • Update specification
    • Add kind section to indicate the type of operation to run on Polyaxon.
    • Rename sequential search to grid search
    • Update early stopping schema to use optimization instead of higher: maximize | minimize
    • Move matrix to settings
    • Add config for search algorithms to settings
    • Remove run_type and export strategies form settings
    • All early_stop to stop both individual experiment from running or an experiment group or both.
    • Rename steps to build_steps in run section
    • Rename concurrent_experiment to concurrency
    • Add new method for sampling values
    • Possibilty to provide a seed
    • Rename Sequential search to grid search
  • Add new hyperparameters search algorithms:
    • Add hyperband
    • Add bayesian optimization [alpha]
  • Add continuous methods for sampling matrix params:
    • pvalues
    • uniform
    • quniform
    • loguniform
    • qloguniform
    • normal
    • qnormal
    • lognormal
    • qlognormal
  • Add first version of pipelines.
  • Show logs after experiment is finished [api, ui, client, cli].
  • Optimize plugin jobs [tensorboards and notebooks].
  • Separate dahsboard and runner.
  • Fixed bug issues.


  • Enhance single experiment spawner
  • Add MXNet spawner and support for distributed MXNet experiments
  • Add Pytorch spawner and support for distributed Pytorch experiments
  • Add Horovod spawner and support for distributed Horovod experiments [WIP]
  • Optimize Tensorflow spawner and distributed Tensorflow experiments
  • Optimize schedulers’ logic
  • Optimize docker build process


  • Add early stopping and number of experiments
  • Use statuses for jupyter notebooks and tensorboards
  • Fix issue with starting multiple tensorboards
  • Rename deleted status to stopped
  • Add admin dashboard


  • Add Jupyter notebooks
  • Update Tensorboard deployments
  • Apply project permission to project plugin jobs, i.e. tensorboard and notebooks will only be accessible to users with enough project permissions
  • Update dashboard and ui
  • Fix some issues with Kubernetes resources tracking