IMPORTANT: If you are using the built-in database you cannot upgrade automatically.

  • Update chart requirement for postgres database.
  • Update chart to be compatible with k8s 1.17.
  • Update K8S manager to use v1 and stable APIs.
  • Update deployment (notebooks and tensorboards) to be compatible with K8S 1.17.
  • Update admin CLI commands to target Helm 3 by default.
  • Fix issue with tensorboard v2, add --host flag.


  • Update chart to be compatible with k8s 1.16.
    • N.B. postgres dependency was not updated in this release to provide compatible upgrade with deployment running the built-in database
  • Fix issue with scheduling parallel distributed runs.
  • Fix issue with sort by a metric containing null values, add null last to queries.
  • Fix warning issues in CLI.
  • Fix some security issues.
  • Add docs for helm 3 deploy command.
  • Add keras tracking contrib module.
  • Disable telemetry by default.
  • Fix some package dependency issues.