You can use one or multiple blobs on Azure Storage to store logs, job outputs, and experiment artifacts.

Create an Azure Storage account

You should create a storage account (e.g. plx-storage) and a blob (e.g. artifacts).

You need to expose information about how to connect to the blob storage, the standard way is to expose these keys:


Create a secret or a config map for storing these keys

We recommend using a secret to store your access information json object:

kubectl create secret -n polyaxon generic az-secret --from-literal=AZURE_ACCOUNT_NAME=account --from-literal=AZURE_ACCOUNT_KEY=hash-key

Use the secret to set the artifactsStore

  name: azure-artifacts
  kind: wasb
    bucket: "wasbs://[email protected]/"
    name: "az-secret"

Update/Install Polyaxon CE or Polyaxon Agent deployment

You can deploy/upgrade your Polyaxon CE or Polyaxon Agent deployment with access to the artifacts store.