You can use one or multiple PVCs(Persistent Volume Claim) to store logs, job outputs, and experiment artifacts.

Define or create a PVC

You need to define or create a PVC in the same namespace as Polyaxon CE or Polyaxon Agent.

Under the same namespace where you are deploying Polyaxon, e.g. polyaxon, create a PVC using kubectl

kubectl create -f data-pvc.yaml -n polyaxon

Tip: Please visit the Kubernetes documentation to learn about persistent volumes.

Now you can use this PVC as an artifacts store

  name: artifacts-pvc
  kind: volume_claim
    mountPath: /plx-data
    volumeClaim: polyaxon-pvc-data

Update/Install Polyaxon CE or Polyaxon Agent deployment

You can deploy/upgrade your Polyaxon CE or Polyaxon Agent deployment with access to the PVC.