New IO and Params option toEnv

Several users expose one or several inputs/outputs/params as environment variables in their component or operation specifications. Until now the logic required changing the container where the value needed to be exposed:

    - name: ENV_VAR_NAME
      value: '{{ value }}'

In this release, we added a new option on the inputs, outputs, or params sections called toEnv that allows users to expose the value to an env var without changing the container. Users can decide to expose the value by default when defining the inputs/outputs:

  - name: input_foo
    type: str
    toEnv: SOME_ENV_VAR_NAME # <----

Or to do it only for specific operations when they pass the param:

    value: 'This text will be available in the spec context and as an env var'
    toEnv: SOME_ENV_VAR_NAME # <----

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