Important: If you are using ingress for exposing the gateway, make sure to check if you need to add pathType: ImplementationSpecific (for example, this is required for GCP ingress)



  • Fix: Issue with Minio/Ceph artifacts store backend.



  • Fix: Regression in GCS artifacts store backend.


  • Enhancement: Remove per CPU tracking and report a global value only. Please run: “pip install -U polyaxon” in your container build.
  • Fix: Versioned artifact tracking, should use step or versioned flag instead of step and versioned flag.
  • Fix: Manual system event lineage tracking.


  • Enhancement: Add search, sorting, and pagination to the artifacts lineage table.
  • Enhancement: Add support for force re-fetch to the artifacts tab.


  • Fix: Typo in completion command.


  • Enhancement: Improve resolution logic of versioned entities.


  • Enhancement: Add locked indicator to runs with model versions.


This patch release was deleted.



  • Security: Fix security issues.
  • Enhancement: Several enhancements based on core, streams, and sidecar.


  • New: Make CLI compatible with click>=8.
  • Enhancement: Improve CLI debug/verbose mode to show more information.
  • Enhancement: Improve CLI parser to validate slugs like project names to avoid silent 405 errors when a user uses -p instead of -P to pass params.
  • Enhancement: Improve CLI errors to show more information than Error message: ('Connection broken: IncompleteRead(0 bytes read, 23 more expected)', IncompleteRead(0 bytes read, 23 more expected)).
  • Enhancement: Improve the create command for hub (component, version) to correctly use the current configured owner instead of polyaxon.
  • Enhancement: Improve cache flag: polyaxon run --cache=y/yes/t/true/1 or polyaxon run --cache=n/no/f/false/0.
  • Deprecation: Deprecate polyaxon run --nocache flag in favor of polyaxon run --cache=t/f.


  • New: Add to_env to simplify exposing an IO or a param to an environment variable automatically.
  • New: Add model version init loader.


  • New: Add reservoir sampling for events logging and/or streaming.
  • New: Add support for date and datetime ranges for hyperparam generation.
  • Enhancement: Improve compiler to not pass isApproved to children operations in DAG and Matrix polyaxonfiles.
  • Enhancement: Improve update statuses API with force flag to prevent automated process from overriding a final status.
  • Enhancement: Relax the datetime equality operator to not check seconds/milliseconds.
  • Enhancement: Improve compiler to respect the patch strategy of the the override config requested in restart/resume.
  • Fix: Issue with restarted runs containing updated container args getting merged with values from previous args.


  • Fix: Issue with race condition in collecting related runs’ artifacts(impacts tracking in notebooks).


  • New: Add summary lineage tracking for system resources.


  • New: Add compare view.
  • New: Add diff-mode when comparing runs.
  • New: Add changes-mode to show the delta between values based on a baseline when comparing runs.
  • New: Allow filtering by values when clicking on a table cell.
  • Enhancement: Show button to view raw artifacts in read-only mode.
  • Enhancement: Improve comparison table in fullscreen mode to correctly render the artifacts/modals/actions/…
  • Enhancement: Only show layout selection when both table and events dashboard are selected.
  • Enhancement: Rename “Current token” to “Default token”.
  • Enhancement: Add line numbers to code/text files in artifacts viewer.
  • Enhancement: Improve suggestions for cpu and memory filters.
  • Enhancement: Improve value suggestions.
  • Enhancement: Show approve selection multi-action button if one or multiple selected runs are pending approval.
  • Enhancement: Improve user’s profile dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Add reset button to the dashboards tab to reset the dashboard configuration.
  • Enhancement: Add pending flags filter dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Show my bookmarks filter as a pin.
  • Enhancement: Allow sorting by hidden columns in the grid table.
  • Enhancement: Increase the real estate of the events dashboard in the fixed layout by minimizing the control buttons of the runs table while resizing.
  • Enhancement: Add quick flag to filter for runs related to model versions.
  • Enhancement: Improve rendering of memory values in table and quotas.
  • Enhancement: Improve several icons.
  • Fix: Issue in logs viewer truncating results when using the search bar.
  • Fix: Issue with filter search losing focus when the suggestions dropdown appears.
  • Fix: Issue in the users filter dropdown’s state.
  • Fix: Issue with datetime humanized values and milliseconds formatting in duration analytics.
  • Fix: Issue some style issues.


  • Enhancement: Add backfill scheduling guide.
  • Enhancement: Add cpu and memory conditions to the query language docs.
  • Fix: Several typos.


  • Enhancement: Update Tensorboard’s default container image to 2.4.2.

Deployment & Setup

  • Enhancement: Update Helm chart’s ingress resource to support v1 API.
  • Enhancement: Drop support for deprecated beta APIs for CRD and ingress.
  • Security: Upgrade base image to remove all critical vulnerabilities.
  • Security: Upgrade gosu to disallow insecure setuid installations.


  • New: Allow subscribing to the business plan on the monthly cycle.
  • New: Add all runs tab to view and manage cross-project runs, this tab is available to users with the admin role or higher.
  • New: Add tags management.
  • New: Analytics configurations and views:
    • Add total runs breakdown by users, projects, agents, and queues.
    • Add cost and resources breakdown by users, projects, agents, and queues.
    • Add cost and resources consumption over time.
    • Add total(sum) of resources consumption and durations over time.
    • Add Active users over time.
    • Add cost and resources consumption stats.
    • Add most active users in a time range.
    • Add most active projects in a time range.
    • Add most used components in a time range.
  • New: Projects management functionalities:
    • Improve promotions of runs to model registry to register new releases/versions.
    • Simplify linking projects to model registry.
    • Allow transferring runs from one project to another.
    • Allow editing searches directly from the dropdown.
    • Allow editing dashboards directly from the dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Improve bookmark logic.
  • Enhancement: Improve archive logic.
  • Enhancement: Improve model registry and versions loading and updates.
  • Enhancement: Improve operations cache layer.
  • Enhancement: Improve operations cache specification to allow users to select sections to be used for the state calculation (init, connections, containers).
  • Enhancement: Improve operations cache proxy.
  • Enhancement: Add cleanup for orphan pipelines, i.e. this happens when a user deletes all runs in a pipeline without deleting the pipeline itself.
  • Enhancement: Improve compiler to automatically convert matrix params to context only if they are not defined in the Inputs/Outputs.
  • Enhancement: Automatically assign stopped status to a pipeline if all runs under it are stopped.
  • Fix: Regression in schedules.