• Fix: Regression in syncing related runs correctly.


  • Enhancement: Improve artifacts store backends.
  • Enhancement: Improve dockerfile init type:
    • Allow copying to custom destination.
    • Add postRunCopy to allow adding copy commands after the run commands to leverage the cache.
    • Add username to allow customizing the default polyaxon username with uid/gid.
  • Enhancement: Improve context templating in file init.
  • Fix: Regression in lineage/artifacts APIs’ pagination logic not returning all information required for creating dashboards and selecting scalar events.


  • Enhancement: Show dashboards tab on runs with service kind.
  • Fix: Issue with confirmation modal dialogs not closing correctly after artifacts deletion.
  • Fix: Issue with jumping cells in the table comparison on click events.
  • Fix: Y-Axis in analytics graphs.
  • Fix: Issue with dashboards loaded from URLs showing wrong inconsistent height/columns in sections.
  • Fix: Regression that prevents changing colors or hiding runs when both the comparison table and events dashboard are both enabled.
  • Fix: Typos.


  • Fix: Issue raised when restarting an operation with copy mode and a reference to a private component.



  • Enhancement: Add CLI flag to trigger human in the loop validation without changing the polyaxonfile, polyaxon run --approved=y/yes/t/true/1 or polyaxon run --approved=n/no/f/false/0.


  • Enhancement: Add globals.is_independent to the context to allow users to detect if a component is running independently or in the context of a pipeline.


  • Enhancement: Add load all events for a specific artifacts type in dashboards.
  • Enhancement: Improve dashboard section’s dropdown with more informative icons.
  • Enhancement: Optimize multi-run events fetching logic.
  • Enhancement: Improve table comparison memoization and rendering speed.
  • Fix: Regression in statuses error message not applying whitespace pre-wrap in code lines.
  • Fix: Regression in visualizations’ zoom logic.
  • Fix: Regression in additional horizontal scroll in run’s info page.
  • Fix: Issue with graph view rendering on Safari.
  • Fix: Issue with force reloading logs.
  • Fix: Issue with lost focus in selections.


  • Enhancement: Improve contexts docs with recurrent use-cases, e.g. exposing the dag uuid.

Deployment & Setup

  • Fix: Regression when deploying with offline mode.


  • Enhancement: Improve resending expired invitations.
  • Fix: Regression in hyperopt tuner.



  • Fix: Help text typos.


  • New: Add scatter plot type to single runs.
  • Enhancement: Optimize resizing of widgets.
  • Enhancement: Auto-generate names for charts/widgets by default, and allow users to set a custom name as an option.
  • Enhancement: Add xaxis label to scatter plots.
  • Enhancement: Add third dimension (color) to scatter plots.
  • Enhancement: Allow turning line charts to area charts.
  • Enhancement: Allow turning line charts to stacked charts.
  • Enhancement: Improve line charts markers to show lines only, points only, and lines + points.
  • Enhancement: Improve graph view rendering speed.
  • Enhancement: Improve contour and parallel plots.
  • Enhancement: Add orientation for bar chart (horizontal/vertical).
  • Enhancement: Add possibility to stack bar chart in comparison mode.
  • Enhancement: Improve bar chart legends and grouping in comparison mode.
  • Enhancement: allow using mean, median, min, max aggregation in bar plots in addition to last values.
  • Enhancement: Allow turning bar charts to box plots or violin charts.
  • Enhancement: Add shortcuts menu on hover to bar charts.
  • Enhancement: Break widget forms into multiple sections to simplify configuring charts and artifacts viewer.
  • Enhancement: Change the default x-axis logic:
    • Use wall time in single run line charts.
    • Use relative time in multi-run comparison line charts.
  • Enhancement: Enable automatic updates in the comparison table by default.
  • Enhancement: Improve analytics, actions, calendar, trends, and visualization icons.
  • Enhancement: Remove sections’ form in favor of an inline compressed form per section.
  • Enhancement: Add collapse all sections to the dashboard management.
  • Enhancement: Add search bar to dashboard to filter widgets.
  • Enhancement: Allow configuring additional tooltip information for line charts, curve charts, and scatter charts.
  • Enhancement: Move section and widget control into a dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Add cloning widgets, adding sections above and below other sections.
  • Enhancement: Add dashboard section pagination.
  • Enhancement: Improve bokeh rendering and resizing.
  • Fix: Regression in memoization of dashboards impacting performance.
  • Fix: Regression in run’s inputs/outputs table search bar.
  • Fix: Regression in the histogram chart under analytics.
  • Fix: Regression in Tensorboard icon being cut in Firefox.
  • Security: Remove critical vulnerabilities.



  • Enhancement: Several important changes based on Polyaxon core.


  • Enhancement: Always sanitize the artifacts connection’s base path.
  • Enhancement: Improve file store and file watcher logic.
  • Enhancement: Speedup S3 artifacts store backend.
  • Enhancement: Improve Polyaxon on Azure.
  • Enhancement: Speedup Azure artifacts store backend and add handling for file system variant wasb/azfs/abfs/https.
  • Enhancement: Avoid re-uploading initialized paths in init containers or from the auto-resume behavior.
  • Enhancement: Automatically detect dockerfile kind in file init.
  • Enhancement: Add namespace filter.


  • Enhancement: Improve assets fetching concurrency and blocking behavior.
  • Enhancement: Improve events APIs performance using async storage clients.
  • Enhancement: Improve streams cache access and logic.
  • Enhancement: Improve logs streaming API.


  • Enhancement: Improve sidecar files watcher.
  • Enhancement: Improve sidecar sync logic to handle deletion.
  • Enhancement: Improve sidecar to reuse clients’ connections.


  • New: Add search suggestions in the query editor.
  • New: Full inspection of the operation state in the status page.
  • New: (Beta) Add new shell tab to enable a smoother debugging experience:
    • Allow users to attach directly to their running containers without distributing kubeconfig.
    • Only users with access rights can see and start a terminal.
    • The tab is available for jobs and services.
  • Enhancement: Improve the visualization experience:
    • Add new tooltips options.
    • Allow hiding legends.
    • Allow controlling legends’ position.
  • Enhancement: Virtualize code-blocks in the artifacts tab to speedup rendering of large text-based artifacts.
  • Enhancement: Virtualize cell rendering to speedup rendering of the comparison table with large number of columns and rows.
  • Enhancement: Virtualize logs viewer rendering.
  • Enhancement: Remove expansion behavior in logs viewer and provide horizontal scrolling for long log lines.
  • Enhancement: Enable auto-scroll behavior and remove pagination in the logs viewer.
  • Enhancement: Improve logs download logic.
  • Enhancement: Add highlighting to log lines with errors or warnings.
  • Enhancement: Add logs search matches facet and highlighting.
  • Enhancement: Improve search in logs with regex and case sensitivity capabilities.
  • Enhancement: Adjust height of the logs and polyaxonfile in full and flyout mode to remove multiple scroll-bars.
  • Enhancement: Improve speed, size, positioning, and icons.
  • Enhancement: Improve empty dashboard and empty sections.
  • Enhancement: Improve charts and widgets in fullscreen modal.
  • Enhancement: Improve sections resizing.
  • Enhancement: Allow more granular control of the section’s height and width.
  • Enhancement: Improve the default dashboard with a section for each event detected.
  • Enhancement: Improve charts and widgets to adjust on section resize.
  • Enhancement: Update refresh button to trigger re-fetching of widgets and charts latest events and artifacts in addition to metadata information.
  • Enhancement: Improve spacing between dashboard sections.
  • Enhancement: Remove deprecated modules.
  • Fix: Regression in the sorting indicator for datetime fields.
  • Fix: Datetime columns not adjusting correctly to text density in the comparision table.
  • Fix: Empty state for the connections lineage tab.
  • Fix: Comparison table schema detection when a field is categorized as string/numeric and might include an object/array in some runs.


  • Fix: Issue with artifacts store usage in Tensorboard component does not handle trailing slashes gracefully.

House Keeping

  • Enhancement: Upgrade packages with CVE issues and known bugs.


  • Enhancement: Add price changes review on the billing page before confirmation.
  • Enhancement: simplify filtering by k8s resources format, e.g. 8Gi, currently the query manager requires float values.