• Enhancement: Improve CLI clean-ops with shortcuts for --delete/-d and --namespace/-n.


  • Enhancement: Make run’s settings button visible in all tabs.
  • Enhancement: Make run’s status beacon visible in all tabs.
  • Enhancement: Improve run’s header and make the name and uuid visible.


  • Fix: Issues in some method’s docstring.



  • Enhancement: Ensure CLI is configured on login.


  • Enhancement: Use k8s sdk with support of proxy configuration.



  • Enhancement: Move clean-ops under admin namespace to allow users to clean stranded operations without exporting any environment variables.
  • Enhancement: Extend clean-ops with a --uuids/--uids to allow filtering for specific operations to force clean/delete.
  • Enhancement: Improve statuses watch to refresh the table instead of drawing a new table.
  • Enhancement: Improve wait for condition to update the last status in place.
  • Enhancement: Add missing stages to commands components, artifacts, and models to list stage transitions and conditions.
  • Enhancement: Improve pull logic to create a valid structure /base/path/PROJECT_NAME/runs, /base/path/PROJECT_NAME/models, …
  • Enhancement: Improve overall CLI behavior with better interactive spinner and upload/download progress bar.
  • Enhancement: Add rendering for readme section to project, run, component, model, artifact get commands.
  • Enhancement: Improve download CLI logic to show more meta data about eta and download speed.
  • Fix: Issue in completion command.
  • Fix: Issue typos in command printed help.


  • New: Add support for annotations and environment variables in the connection’s specification.
  • New: Allow configuring git credential as volume secret using a git credential.helper store.
  • Enhancement: Add handling for more edge cases around git urls.
  • Enhancement: Migrate hyperparameter tuning and tracking modules to separate repos.
  • Enhancement: Improve query manager to return distinct values.
  • Enhancement: Propagate both lower case and upper case proxy env vars to all containers in an operation.


  • Beta: Async client version.
  • New: Add promote method to a model version or artifact version directly from the RunClient:
    • RunClient.promote_to_model_version this is similar to ProjectClient.register_model_version but directly from the run client instance.
    • RunClient.promote_to_artifact_version this is similar to ProjectClient.register_artifact_version but directly from the run client instance.
  • New: Add get_runs_artifacts_lineage to RunClient to allow listing artifacts lineage information from multiple runs under the same project based on a query specification.
  • New: Expose new sdks on the client, the new endpoints will only be accessible to users with enough permissions or it will raise 401/403 errors:
    • Allows listing and interacting with agents.
    • Allows listing and interacting with connections.
    • Allows listing projects.
    • Allows listing cross project runs.
  • Enhancement: Add retries configuration option.
  • Enhancement: Improve issues around SSL verification.
  • Enhancement: Improve download logic based on a lineage reference.
  • Enhancement: Improve wait for condition to be resilient to backend errors.
  • Enhancement: Improve client decorator to handle inline configurations in addition to the global settings.


  • Enhancement: Update training operator to use the newest Kubeflow release.

Query Language

  • New: Allow filtering by connections:
    • By name connections.name: CONNECTION1 | CONNECTION2
    • By tag connections.tags: TAG1 | TAG2
    • By kind connections.kind: git
  • New: Allow filtering by artifacts lineage:
    • By name artifacts.name: LINEAGE1 | LINEAGE2
    • By kind artifacts.kind: model
    • By path artifacts.path: foo/bar
    • By state artifacts.state: STATE


  • Enhancement: Improve scikit-learn classifier tracking.


  • Enhancement: Improve cache access and optimize artifacts downloads.
  • Enhancement: Improve k8s connections and handling.
  • Enhancement: Update fs backends.


  • New: Add operation status color indicator to the page’s favicon.
  • New: Allow selecting the (dark/light) themes in Polyaxon CE.
  • New: Allow showing the order in the runs table.
  • New: Auto-showing columns with diff.
  • New: Auto-showing columns with high variance.
  • New: Allow transposing the runs table (by column) to a vertical comparison (by run).
  • New: Improve runs table with comparison features natively.
  • Enhancement: Simplify themes selection without going to the user profile.
  • Enhancement: Update the queues table with a link next to each queue to filter all runs by a specific queue.
  • Enhancement: Update the connections table with a link next to each connection to filter all runs by a specific connection.
  • Enhancement: Show artifact’ state on the lineage tables.
  • Enhancement: Keep the configuration of logs, artifacts, and dashboards tabs unchanged when changing tabs of the same run.
  • Enhancement: Improve queues usage to remove .0 in the denominator.
  • Enhancement: Improve datetime fields expansion behavior.
  • Enhancement: Consolidate Tensorboard actions in the run’s dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Add Tensorboard action to the runs multi-action button on the table similar to the overview page.
  • Enhancement: Optimize screen size for runs table.
  • Enhancement: Add a spinner while the UI loads the assets for rendering.
  • Fix: Typo in tip for registering component/model/artifact versions.
  • Fix: Regression in multi-run scatter plot.
  • Fix: Issue with table filter popovers and actions popovers scrolling with pages.
  • Fix: Issues in Markdown editor.
  • Fix: Issues with resume button not updating the status in of the run in the overview page.


  • New: Extend the component versions for Tensorboard with a new plugins input of type List[str] to allow users to install custom plugins.
  • New: Extend the component versions for Tensorboard with possibility to use the run names instead of uuids to initialize the paths.


  • Enhancement: Improve navigation and provide short-cuts.
  • Enhancement: Improve ProjectClient and RunClient reference docs.
  • Enhancement: Add new intro tutorial about registering components, models, and artifacts.
  • Fix: Edit links to point to the correct code files.


  • Security: Fix CVE issues.
  • Enhancement: Improve streams deployment to limit the number of workers per core.
  • Enhancement: Reduce sql-proxy’s logs verbosity.


  • New: Add support for readme on component/model/artifact versions.
  • New: Allow getting a connection’s schema by name.
  • Enhancement: Improve operations in DAGs with pending approval and upstream failures.
  • Enhancement: Reduce member roles confusion:
    • Add a note to admin to emphasize that is a Project admin.
    • Add a note to manager to emphasize that is a Organization admin.
  • Enhancement: Improve compilation process to better handle converting artifact lineage, model, and artifact versions references.