• Enhancement: Update plotly, bokeh, and other vendor packages.
  • Enhancement: Improve graph view rendering.
  • Enhancement: Allow hiding sub-paths in the graph view.
  • Enhancement: Speed up loading and rendering.
  • Enhancement: Add a note to the concurrency update modal to explain the behavior when increasing or decreasing the concurrency of a pipeline or a matrix.
  • Enhancement: Add a note to runs transfer modal to prevent transferring active runs.
  • Enhancement: Improve collapse/expand logic to freeze the sidebar without an additional click.
  • Enhancement: Remove the unintuitive lock/unlock button in the sidebar and automatically remember user’s choice.
  • Enhancement: Improve hovered/selected nodes in graphs.
  • Fix: Edge hover color for ops in warning status.
  • Fix: Issue reloading the table after a multi-run deletion when the runs count is less than 10.


  • New: Speed-up streams APIs by adding an auth caching layer.
  • Enhancement: Show auxiliaries definitions in the agent setting tab.
  • Enhancement: Improve IP allow list and permission checks.
  • Enhancement: Allow multi-run downstream ops for users with member role.
  • Fix: Issue with stopping matrix operations inside a pipeline.
  • Fix: Regression with pipelines scheduling and events handling.
  • Fix: Issues with scheduler configuration.
  • Security: Fix CVE issues.