• New: Add support for corporate proxies, new proxy: {} section was added, e.g:
  enabled: false
  useInOps: true
  httpProxy: ""
  httpsProxy: ""
  noProxy: ""
  host: ""
  port: 8080
  kind: transparent or connect
  • Security: Fix critical vulnerabilities.


  • Enhancement: Improve compiler failure message due to sampling errors.
  • Enhancement: Improve default ignore manager with common python ignore patterns.
  • Enhancement: improve df processing.


  • Enhancement: Update roadmap link in UI.
  • Enhancement: Do not minimize new sections when loading all events for a specific kind.
  • Fix: Issue in the table search suggestions.
  • Fix: Issue in copying query configuration button.


  • Enhancement: Improve project ls.
  • Enhancement: Do not purge config when not changing the host value.
  • Enhancement: Improve -o json with the run url.
  • Fix: Issue with -o json.
  • Fix: artifacts and models docstrings.


  • Enhancement: Update ingress documentation for GKE.
  • Fix: Wrong documentation for using the artifacts init section.


  • New: Add global search cmd + / or ctrl + /, a single global search field to provide easy access to:
    • Projects
    • Models
    • Components
    • Connections
    • Operations
  • New: Provide user’s history (recently viewed items) with search.
  • Enhancement: Only show the list of projects accessible to users in organizations with restrictions.
  • Enhancement: Improve settings page for projects declared as registry or hub.
  • Enhancement: Allow promoting model/artifact versions on different projects directly from the run overview or runs table.
  • Enhancement: Improve transferring of artifact/model versions.
  • Enhancement: Improve agent sync process.