Deployment & Setup

  • Enhancement: Drop ClusterRoleBinding for single namespace deployments and use RoleBinding instead.
  • Enhancement: Openshift ready deployment strategy.
  • Enhancement: Tighten security of all containers:
    • Drop root by default even without security context enabled.
    • Reconfigure all containers to use the port 8000 instead 80.
    • Add support for pod and container security context (uid, gid, fs, change policy, privilege escalation, non root)
  • Enhancement: Use standard security context keys (user -> runAsUser, group -> runAsGroup).


  • New: Add missing commands for setting/updating the stage of a component/model version.
  • New: Add new -HP to simplify passing hyper-params similar to -P.
  • Enhancement: Improve admin upgrade command to show more information.
  • Enhancement: Error handling and debug instructions.
  • Fix: Project update command.


  • Fix: Issues with ignore manager not handling relative paths in some circumstances.


  • New: Add support for tracking and auto-syncing local experiments.
  • New: Add hugging face logger.
  • New: Add confusion matrix tracking.
  • Enhancement: Improve several callbacks.
  • Enhancement: Improve system tracking.
  • Enhancement: Improve NO_OP flag.


  • New: Allow setting a column color saturation based on a metric’s or a param’s trend (increasing/decreasing).
  • New: Add per queue usage stats (warning, running, pending) in the queues table.
  • Enhancement: Improve timeline view.
  • Enhancement: Improve graph view.
  • Enhancement: Make artifacts paths and opened files durable using URL query params.
  • Enhancement: Make logs search, filters, and options durable using URL query params.
  • Enhancement: Add pagination to the resources tab to not load/display all events at the same time.
  • Enhancement: Do not show restart and resume buttons for manually managed runs.
  • Enhancement: Show No actions available in the dropdown for users with no access rights on specific runs instead of an empty dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Do not show delete button on artifacts for users with the viewer role.
  • Enhancement: Minimize pagination when the user resizes the table below the minimum required width.
  • Enhancement: Do not show suggestions when a run is displayed in flyout mode.
  • Enhancement: Merge layout selector and sections selector in a single dropdown.
  • Enhancement: Merge generic statuses flags and statuses filters in a single statuses dropdown.
  • Fix: Project filter should default to name instead of uuid.
  • Fix: Container images in the run inspection page.


  • Enhancement: Update some old guides and screenshots.
  • Enhancement: Add advanced restrictions guide.


  • New: Add Distributed MXNetJob integration.
  • New: Add Distributed XGBoostJob integration.
  • Enhancement: Upgrade go version.
  • Enhancement: Upgrade controller-runtime.
  • Enhancement: Upgrade kubebuiler version.
  • Enhancement: Add scheduling policy for Kubeflow distributed jobs.
  • Enhancement: Improve distributed jobs reconciliation.
  • Enhancement: Deprecate the individual Kubeflow operators in favor of the training operator.


  • New: Add possibility to create service accounts to issue org tokens for CI(Continuous Integration)/CD(Continuous Delivery)/CT(Continuous Training).
    • Service accounts are not tied to a specific user and do not use any user’s API tokens.
    • Each service account can have one or multiple tokens with different expiration configuration.
    • Each token can be refreshed, regenerated or deleted.
    • All activities generated by the tokens will link back to the service account they belong to in the activity logs or the runs table.
  • New: Add possibility to buy read-only seats, with fixed viewer role, to allow org owners to invite other team users to view reports and explore ML Apps, notebooks, … in read-only mode.
  • Enhancement: Allow admins to create presets.
  • Enhancement: Improve hyperparameter tuning algorithms.