• Fix: Regression with rewrite services showing 404, issues happens with vscode services.


  • Enhancement: Improve progress tracking.


  • New: Show total consumption card: total = Memory/CPU/GPU/Custom/Cost * duration.
  • Enhancement: Improve analytics to show totals for cost/cpu/memory/gpu/custom in stats and series.
  • Enhancement: Improve cost validation.



  • New: Add polyaxon ops inspect [-p] [-uid] command similar to the inspect button.
  • New: Add polyaxon ops shell [-p] [-uid] command similar to the shell tab.
  • New: Add polyaxon run ... --shell command to start an operation and provide a shell session as soon as it starts running.
  • New: Add polyaxon ops transfer [-p] [-uid] --to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT.
  • New: Add polyaxon models transfer [-p] [-ver] --to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT.
  • New: Add polyaxon artifacts transfer [-p] [-ver] --to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT.
  • New: Add polyaxon component transfer [-p] [-ver] --to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT.
  • New: Add polyaxon models copy [-p] [-ver] [--to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT] [--name=NEW_VERSION_NAME].
  • New: Add polyaxon artifacts copy [-p] [-ver] [--to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT] [--name=NEW_VERSION_NAME].
  • New: Add polyaxon component copy [-p] [-ver] [--to-project=DESTINATION_PROJECT] [--name=NEW_VERSION_NAME].
  • Enhancement: Improve CLI compatibility with server.
  • Enhancement: Improve env var to disable CLI compatibility checks.
  • Enhancement: Strip spaces during tags validation.
  • Enhancement: Add -y/--yes arg to init and delete commands to assume “yes” as answer to all prompts and run non-interactively.
  • Enhancement: Allow to pass tags as lists [a, b, c] or ["a", "b", "c"] in addition to handling string values a, b, c or a,b,c.
  • Enhancement: Improve models/artifacts/components CLI get commands.
  • Enhancement: Add --is-file to the plx ops artifacts --path --is-file to allow specifying if the path corresponds to a single file being downloaded.
  • Enhancement: Improve upload to automatically pass the --is-file flag based on the path.
  • Fix: Types in CLI docstrings.
  • Fix: Issue with FQN for model/artifact/component versions in CLI errors.


  • New: Add transfer method to the RunClient.
  • New: Add transfer method for versions to the ProjectClient.
  • New: Add copy method for versions to the ProjectClient, if no new name is provided:
    • A new -copy suffix will be appended.
    • Same name will be used if the destination project is provided and is different from the original project.
  • Enhancement: Improve get_inputs and get_outputs to auto-refresh the run data if no value is detected.


  • Enhancement: Improve kubernetes validation and improve support for 1.23.
  • Enhancement: Make IfNotPresent the default for all containers.


  • New: Re-enable histogram rendering and logging.
  • New: Add log_progress method to the RunClient to allow sending progress of a job/experiment meta-data.
  • Enhancement: Improve filenames sanitization process to prevent wrong naming conventions.


  • Enhancement: Improve the artifacts syncing logic to be more resilient to failed requests or intermittent errors.


  • New: Data table widget for rendering multi-step events in addition to the per-step slider widget for:
    • text events.
    • html events.
    • dataframe/csv/tsv events.
  • New: Allow rendering csv/tsv files and plx events as tables in addition to the code editor in the artifacts view.
  • New: Allow inspecting charts and showing the data used.
  • New: Allow rendering files (image, dataframe, csv, tsv, audio, video) without the events requirements.
  • New: Show a UI progress bar on the run’s overview page when using log progress e.g. log_progress(0.3).
  • Enhancement: Improve image rendering in the dashboards tab.
  • Enhancement: Show a slider on the section’s height controller to simplify resizing widgets dashboards.
  • Enhancement: Disable widgets with no logged events and show the empty prompt that links to the docs as a tooltip.
  • Enhancement: Automatically select the model artifact in the model registry form.
  • Enhancement: Show sidebar by default and allow users to hide it.
  • Enhancement: Improve performance of several pages.
  • Enhancement: Improve global search to switch between search and history by further clicking cmd + / or ctrl + /.
  • Enhancement: Improve DAGs with nested schedules UI.
  • Enhancement: Improve DAGs mouse wheel resizing behavior.
  • Enhancement: Improve model/artifact/component version copy button to show a project selection for the version destination.
  • Enhancement: Improve the logs viewer’s memoization process.
  • Enhancement: Improve the expand button content for the original and pipeline columns in the runs table.
  • Enhancement: Automatically hide tabs for runs that do not have specific capabilities.
  • Enhancement: Improve raw code renderer.
  • Enhancement: Improve focus issues of the dropdowns in the dashboard’s widgets.
  • Enhancement: Improve dashboard’s widget titles and hover effect.
  • Enhancement: Improve artifact lineage’s download button.
  • Enhancement: Improve widget’s download button.
  • Enhancement: Show spinner on download buttons while the download process is active.
  • Fix: Issue with the automatic dashboard sections generator not detecting some event types.
  • Fix: Issue with preset’s form update not fitting the full page.
  • Security: Update packages with CVE.


  • New: Add package method to download all assets related to an event.
  • Enhancement: Update the file system backends.
  • Enhancement: Add path guessing for artifacts download.


  • Fix: Regression in job retries status watch process.


  • Enhancement: Add new integrations docs for rendering csv/tsv/piped files.
  • Enhancement: Add guides to show how to include Polyaxon client and tracking in unit testing.
  • Fix: Several typos and guides.


  • Enhancement: Improve UI to support redirection to the original page after authentication.
  • Enhancement: Improve service account roles and access checks.
  • Enhancement: Optimize and speed-up the agent sync process.
  • Enhancement: Improve support for DAGs with nested schedules metadata.
  • Enhancement: Add project resource and run resource strict scopes to prevent read access to some run endpoints by users with the viewer role.
  • Enhancement: Improve login and signup forms.
  • Fix: Regression in multi-run stop/delete buttons in the cross-project table.
  • Fix: Regression in operations cache invalidation API.