• Enhancement: Improve sanitization process for pod level attributes (node_selector, host_pid, …)
  • Enhancement: Improve distinct logic for count queries.
  • Enhancement: Update stale requirements.
  • Enhancement: Make client more robust to intermittent API issues.
  • Enhancement: Improve retry logic.


  • Enhancement: Improve file system retry logic on rate limiting.
  • Enhancement: Improve file system logic to prevent throttling from various backends (S3, Minio, NFS, …).
  • Enhancement: Improve file system to be more robust to intermittent API issues.
  • Enhancement: Introduce batching for artifacts deletion and update logic.


  • Enhancement: Improve logs rendering.
  • Enhancement: Introduce several performance improvements.


  • Fix: Several typos.


  • Enhancement: Improve speed of several core components.
  • Enhancement: Upgrade Python to v3.10 for core component images.
  • Security: Fix CVE issues.


  • Enhancement: Improve cloud infrastructure speed and response time for several APIs.
  • Enhancement: Adjust priority tasks on scheduler to reduce race condition issues detected in DAGs.