New pending logic

In previous versions, Polyaxon had an indicator is_approved that was initially made for providing a human-in-the-loop validation process, where operations marked as awaiting approval would require user intervention to allow them to be scheduled on the Kubernetes cluster.

The is_approved logic was used by the upload command to provide a synchronous process for uploading and then starting an operation, however that led to a couple of edge cases. In this version we refactored the logic to expose a more generic pending mechanism, that mechanism is now used by the approval process, the upload process, and the cache service.

Runs are marked as pending and the UI shows what type of action is required to resume scheduling:

  • pending: approval


  • pending: upload


Finally, this new pending logic allows the platform to perform the checks and compilation in an asynchronous way whereas previously the process had to be synchronous.

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This blog post just goes over a couple of features that we shipped since our last product update, several other features and fixes are worth checking. To learn more about all the features, fixes, and enhancements, please visit the release notes and the short term roadmap.

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