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Events are an advanced triggering logic that users can take advantage of in addition to:

  • Manual triggers via API/CLI/UI.
  • Time-based triggers with schedules and crons.
  • Upstream triggers with upstream runs or upstream ops in DAGs.

Events can be attached to an operation in the context of a DAG to extend the simple trigger process, this is generally important when the user defines a dependency between two operations and needs a run to start as soon as the upstream run generates an event instead of waiting until it reaches a final state. For instance, a usual use-case is to start a tensorboard as soon as training starts. In that case the downstream operation will watch for the running status.

Events can be attached as well to a single operation to wait for an internal alert or external events, for instance if a user integrates Polyaxon with Github, they can trigger training as soon as Polyaxon is notified that a new git commit was created.

Polyaxon provides several internal and external events that users can leverage to fully automate their usage of the platform:

  • “run_status_created”
  • “run_status_resuming”
  • “run_status_compiled”
  • “run_status_queued”
  • “run_status_scheduled”
  • “run_status_starting”
  • “run_status_initializing”
  • “run_status_running”
  • “run_status_processing”
  • “run_status_stopping”
  • “run_status_failed”
  • “run_status_stopped”
  • “run_status_succeeded”
  • “run_status_skipped”
  • “run_status_warning”
  • “run_status_unschedulable”
  • “run_status_upstream_failed”
  • “run_status_retrying”
  • “run_status_unknown”
  • “run_status_done”
  • “run_approved_actor”
  • “run_invalidated_actor”
  • “run_new_artifacts”
  • “connection_git_commit”
  • “connection_dataset_version”
  • “connection_registry_image”
  • “alert_info”
  • “alert_warning”
  • “alert_critical”
  • “model_version_new_metric”
  • “project_custom_event”
  • “org_custom_event”
  • Args:
    • kinds: List[str]
    • ref: str

Important: Currently only events with prefix run_status_* are supported.

YAML usage

  ref: {{ ops.upstream-operation }}
  kinds: [run_status_running]
  ref: {{ connections.git-repo-connection-name }}
  kinds: [connection_git_commit]

Python usage

from polyaxon.schemas import V1EventKind, V1EventTrigger
event1 = V1EventTrigger(
    ref="{{ ops.upstream-operation }}",
event2 = V1EventTrigger(
    ref="{{ connections.git-repo-connection-name }}",



The trigger event kinds to watch, if any event is detected the operation defining the events section will be initiated.

  kinds: [run_status_running, run_status_done]

Note: Similar to trigger in DAGs, after an operation is initiated, it will still have to validate the rest of the Polyaxonfile, i.e. conditions, contexts, connections, …


A valid reference that Polyaxon can resolve the objects that will send the events to watch for. All supported events are prefixed with the object reference that can send such events.

The run_* events can be referenced both by runs.UUID or ops.OPERATION_NAME if defined in the context of a DAG.

  ref: ops.upstream_operation_name