Polyaxon comes with a powerful and uniform logging experience for all runs.

The logging features collects and archives logs for all your containers inside a run, and even from distributed runs, experiments, jobs, notebooks, tensorboards, … all runs have a similar logging experience, which helps users detect issues related to why a tensorboard is not loading or a notebook is not accessible.

Logs in CLI

You can stream logs from the CLI or from the UI, which will reduce the need to reach out for Kubernetes to check per container issues


Logs in UI

You can stream logs in the dashboard as well with support for progress bars, ANSI standards, and long log lines.


It’s possible to hide/show information about nodes, pods, and containers, this is especially important for distributed runs, or restarts.


And you can sort logs by latest timestamp first and keep streaming new logs to avoid scrolling to the bottom.


It’s also possible to disable logs storage for a specific experiment or based on a specific tag, e.g. users might want to avoid storing logs for debug jobs.