This integration is about using Google CLOUD SQL for postgres server to provide a High Available database for Polyaxon.

This integration can be used with all Polyaxon deployment types

Create a Google Cloud Project

If you don’t have a Google Cloud Project you have to create one:

gcloud projects create <project>

Create a Google Cloud SQL Postgres instance

gcloud sql instances create <databse_name> --database-version POSTGRES_9_6 \
       --cpu 1 --memory 3840MiB --region eastus --project <project>

Once the instance is created, set a password for the default postgres user. Make sure you substitute <password> with a strong password.

gcloud sql users set-password postgres --instance <databse_name> \
       --password <password> --project <project>

Setup a private IP address

In order to connect to the Cloud SQL instance, you need to setup a private address to connect from Polyaxon to the database instance. Please check this guide

Update polyaxon deployment

  enabled: false

    user: <username>
    password: <password>
    database: <database>
    host: <server_ip>