This is part of our commercial offering.

Polyaxon provides a connection abstraction to:

  • Access buckets and volumes.
  • Connect to databases and remote services.
  • Integrate Polyaxon with external services.
  • Subscribe Polyaxon to external events or notify external system with events in Polyaxon.

Connections are defined and managed on your clusters on-premise or you cloud clusters, and are managed by the team that manages your Kubernetes cluster and Polyaxon Agent deployments.

Polyaxon UI provides a nice viewer to summarise all the connections defined in your organization that you can sort by: kind, agent, dates, and other meta data. And provides instructions to your end-users on how they can request access and use these connection in their workload.

Connections viewer

All users can view the table of available connections in your organization.


Connections usage

And they can also view details on how to use them in their workload.